This is what people are saying about me:

Chris: I just wanted to let you know that your performance at the Rotary Club of Barrie was a huge hit. You managed to continuously entertain such a diverse crowd and I would highly recommend your performance to both corporations and clubs. Many thanks on behalf of the Rotary Club for the good laughs.

President Stu McMillan
Rotary Club of Barrie


On behalf of the 2011 Social Committee for the Town of Innisfil and Innisfil Hydro, I wanted to thank you for your performance at our Christmas Event.

Planning entertainment for such an evening is difficult given the dynamics of our group and I must admit, the committee had our own reservations with hiring a comedian. What topics could they chose? What if no one laughs? Would it be offensive and if so how are we going to show ourselves at work on Monday?

Chris, the committee was amazed by your performance. I don’t know how you did it, but you had the crowd laughing the full time you were up there.

It was wonderful to hear from even our most senior staff how much they enjoyed the night and how impressed they were with your ability to get the entire group laughing. You seem to know what works and have a great feel of the crowd.

We would be pleased to recommend your act.

I should note, we did receive one complaint. Our guests should have been warned that a washroom break was necessary before bringing you out.

Thanks so much for a great event!

Christine Ayres
On behalf of the Town of Innisfil & Innisfil Hydro
Social Committee Members 2011

Chris, Thank you VERY MUCH for making my 50th birthday bash a huge success!! The tone was perfect (just like I asked for) and your jokes were hilarious (as always). My son’s favourite was the paint on the car keys!! All my guests are still raving about your performance. You were a pleasure to work with and I hope we get to do it again in the very near future.

Thank You,
Mary Piazza
National Operations Manager
Metrospot Marketing Ltd.

Hi Chris, just wanted to let you know that your performance at our Company awards was a huge hit. We were looking for something that we could entertain our Real Estate Agents to build up the fun and energy level to accent our night of events. Chris you did just that. The audience was in a fit of laughter and the ice was broken to accentuate our event. I would recommend anyone that hasn’t seen your performance, whether it is at a corporate level or a club level that they don’t know what they are missing. Have Chris entertain for you and you won’t be disappointed.


Doug Tunis
Broker / Branch Manager
Royal Lepage State Realty

Hi there, It is Tim Murphy. I am the big (fat) guy, who was with the little Chinese lady (Lisa) who gave you the Spicy Thai t shirt at the Niagara Falls Yuk Yuk’s last month. We had been planning that for about 6 months or more. We go to Spicy Thai all the time. You know you go somewhere too much when all the staff knows you by name : -) : -) : -). We also try and get to your show each time you are in Niagara. Anyway, thanks for the shout out on YouTube and the next time you are back in the area . .if you feel like it . . do you want to grab lunch at Spicy Thai? I am sure that Alan and Noy (Spicy Thai managers) would like to meet you. I told them about your joke and sent them the link to the YouTube clip. They thought it was hilarious (and gave me the shirt for free). Noy said it took her three attempts to find that shirt (otherwise you would have gotten it last summer when you were here). I guess the number 9 special was taken off the menu a while ago but they had a few t shirts left in a store room or something, she just had to find them. Anyway, thanks as always for a great evening. You are a funny guy.

take care,

Tim Murphy
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Brock University
St Catharines ON

" Chris I was at the show and had a great time. I was watching our crowd and could see that they were having a great time. There is nothing like the gift of laughter and you certainly delivered that to our company that night. Thanks for helping make our Christmas Party a success and I hope I can catch your act at Yuk Yuk’s in the future." 
- Mike Long, AMCA Sales Limited

"Thank-you for making our Annual Christmas Party a huge success this year.  It was amazing how right from the minute you walked on stage you had the 500+ audience in tears (laughing tears)!!!  Our group of employees are so diverse, ranging in age from 21 - 70 that it's not the easiest crowd to entertain, but that didn't stop you....you read the audience like a book and I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. You are extremely hilarious and make it your passion to make your audience laugh!  Laughter is the best medicine. I know everyone was in a happier mood after your performance.  We would have loved for you to go on all night!   

Getting back to work this week, all our staff have commented on how much they loved this year's party and entertainment.  They can't say enough about your jokes and the ease you have in making everyone laugh!  

Thanks for a great time, it was truly enjoyable and you made everyone smile.  Hope to have you back same time next year!   Take it easy!
- Michelle Murphy-Bukala, Supervisor of Business Operations J. & T. Murphy Ltd.  (Murphy Bus Lines)

Thanks for making our company party a hollering success!  You completely lived up to your reputation for delivering the most wry and ‘relatable’ kind of humour – the kind that makes you snort!  It was great how you incorporated the crowd into your act, and a real bonus when you brought your adorable dogs on stage to round off the show — generating many “awws” from the guests. I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone who would like to would like to beef up their event/party with guaranteed laughs. This is good, solid entertainment!”     Best, Sarah    
- Sarah McDowell, The Canadian Kennel Club           

" This guy is funny!  He was at our office party ( MicroAge) on the weekend and made me piss my pants ( not really, but he was damn funny)  Give this guy a contract, if he has one already, get the extension clasue out with more money.  We are lobbying the boss to get him back next year.  Thanks for the laughs, good luck"  
- Greg Murphy  

 Chris Quigley: "Thai Food As Hot As Eating A Piece Of The Sun"........    Very funny in a quaint and intimate setting. It had been over 10 years since I last poked my head through the doors of Yuk-Yuk's, Mark Breslin's best kept secret and one of the places where future comedians come from.

This night had Chris Quigley as the feature performer, with local guy Alastair McAllister opening for him. McAllister was ok-funny with lots of time spent talking about the recent introduction of Olestra into the potato chip industry. Olestra can lead to "anal leakage" in 10% of consumers and he spent lots of time on this slight chuckle, because farts, crap and drinking are at the synergy of many comedian's material after all.

Quigley was very unassuming when he first took the stage in a jacket whose sleeves came down too far his wrists and with a style slightly reminiscent of Steven Wright, although not as dry and monotone. Quigley had some good material about playing hockey on acid, dining on extra-spicy Thai Food in St Catherines Ont and quite a few about his dogs, his girlfriend and his dumb friend. Quigley had great delivery and some in the very back of the audience who sounded like they got a couple of his jokes after the punchline, played into his very capable and instinctive intuitive comedy methods and gave him additional material he hadn't bargained for.

He is likeable, his humour based on brilliant and insightful observations.